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Chinese successful immigrants
The Chinese community in France is one of the most successful minorities in that country thanks to their recent economic success, but some problems persist in their integration. A report by Constantino de Miguel produced by PrimeVoices
by PRIMEREPORTERS 2012-12-06 05:20:18
Despite Eurozone's debt crisis, Chinese businesses are increasingly looking at the region as a promising investment destination. Constantino de Miguel has prepared this report from the outskirts of Paris where Chinese entrepreneurs are thriving. A PrimeVoices production
by PRIMEREPORTERS 2012-12-01 04:21:59
The Chinese community struggles to integrate into mainstream French society despite<br /> their economic success and better social position. A PrimeVoices production
by PRIMEREPORTERS 2012-12-01 02:53:21
Richard Beraha has followed and researched the Chinese residents in France for four years. The result has been the book "La Chine à Paris", with interesting insights about this community.<br /> There are 600.000 Chinese residents in France. They emigrated back in the 80s mostly from the Zheijang province. Arrived as poor and illiterate immigrants, most of the Chinese French have climbed up the social ladder, but problems persist. They community is too closed and struggles to get integrated into mainstream French society.<br /> A PrimeVoices production